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Particle Collection
5 min readJan 12, 2024

Who is ripcache?

  • ripcache is an anonymous artist who took the web3 art world by storm when he entered the scene in 2021. He soon became one of the most in-demand digital artists, with works sold at Christie’s, collaborations with Avant Arte, and pieces held in some of the most important collections, including XCOPY, Erick Calderon (SnowFro), and Cozomo de’ Medici. ripcache fully embodies what it means to be a web3 artist: from his name, process, and subject matter.
  • The name ripcache, meaning ‘raster image processor cache’, references the tool that converts a digital image into 1s and 0s used by a printer to create a physical copy. The cache stores data on a device for faster retrieval. The pseudonym concept, a nod to XCOPY, reiterates the artist’s fascination with privacy, showing the artist’s full commitment to his practice.
  • ripcache shares glimpses into his process, drawing his work digitally pixel by pixel with his mouse in hand before re-working it all over again with new research and information.
  • Taking inspiration from artists throughout history, together with film and music, ripcache’s traditional artist background is clear. ripcache was driven to use the blockchain as a medium in the wake of new promises for privacy via decentralization. He emphasizes the importance of his work being fully on-chain. On-chain art in this instance manifests as the image file being saved as an .svg file, which converts image into text. This text is then included in the metadata of the NFT.

What is neutral from the public//private series?

  • neutral from the Public//Private series is about permanence and consists of two components: a physical screen print on a metal panel and a digital artwork stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The physical and digital artworks are identical in their imagery, featuring a representation of ripcache’s focus on surveillance and data privacy. The physical artwork is a 2x2ft black and white screen print on a metal panel. The digital artwork, on the other hand, is a fully on-chain artwork on the Ethereum blockchain, and embodies ripcache’s commitment to using blockchain technology as a medium.
  • The only way to acquire the digital artwork initially is by purchasing the physical artwork. This maintains the interconnectedness of the physical and digital pieces. However, the collector has a choice to make. To gain access to the digital artwork, the collector must scratch away the physical artwork in the area that contains the Ethereum private key. This action irrevocably separates the physical artwork from the digital artwork.
  • Particle is allowing 64 collectors to co-own this artwork — comprising of both the physical and digital artworks that make up neutral from the public//prviate series.

How many particles are there in total?

  • There are 64 particles in total

When is the pre-sale deadline?

  • The pre-sale is only open to particle holders and invite-only select communities. The pre-sale deadline is January 19th 2024.

How do I join the pre-sale?

  • The pre-sale is only open to particle holders and invite-only select communities.

When is the allowlist sale?

  • The allowlist sale is January 23rd 2024 at 12PM UTC

I’m not eligible for the pre-sale, but how can I get on the allowlist?

  • All holders of Particle collections and ripcache collections will be automatically added to the allowlist.

When is the public sale?

  • The public sale date is January 24th 2024 at 12PM UTC.

What is the sale price?

  • 0.8 ETH

When will the co-owners vote to scratch?

  • The voting will be available as soon as Particles are revealed (shortly after they sell out), but its effect won’t trigger a scratch, until the 1 year lock up set by the artist has ended.
  • Voting before the 1 year lock up expires, will signal your desire to scratch or not scratch at the end of the lock up period.
  • That signal will be expressed by a change in the Particle image. A version for scratching and a version for not scratching, both designed by the artist.

Can you explain the voting mechanics?

  • Particle has built on-chain voting, allowing holders to vote for decisions on the blockchain, after the 1 year lock up.
  • The voting will be made available following a 1 year lock up, at the artist’s request.
  • The holders can toggle “scratch” or “not scratch” at any point during ownership.
  • There will be a notification 1 week prior to the decision date.
  • If the co-ownership decides to scratch the artwork, there will be an in real life scratching event, where co-owners are invited to manually scratch the physical artwork.
  • If the scratch happens, the corresponding digital artwork will be unlocked.
  • Holders will then receive a second Particle to represent their ownership of the unlocked digital artwork.
  • Should the digital or physical artwork be sold in the future, the co-ownership will be able to burn the Particle to claim their funds for the corresponding sale.

What % of voters need to vote to scratch in order to trigger the scratch IRL?

  • More than 50% of holders must vote to scratch in order to trigger the scratch, after the 1 year lock up.

How will the IRL voting work?

  • If the co-ownership decides to scratch the artwork, they will be able to vote on a location for the physical event.
  • The physical artwork will then be scratched to reveal the secret key, thus unlocking the digital artwork.
  • We will ensure that the secret key remains safe.

What do I get included in the mint price?

  • co-ownership of ripcache’s neutral digital 1/1 artwork
  • co-ownership of ripcache’s neutral physical 1/1 artwork
  • voting rights for ripcache’s neutral, whether to scratch or not scratch, which art gallery to exhibit the artwork etc.
  • one heavy duty metal scratch card. This can be used to scratch off a part of the artwork and reveal the private key to the digital piece, following a successful vote to scratch, at a yet-to-be-determined event.
  • one high quality published booklet featuring artwork images, an exclusive interview, and a curatorial essay about ripcache and neutral by traditional art world experts.
  • access to a dedicated channel in ripcache’s Discord
  • access to exclusive ripcache events around the world
  • pre-sale access to all future Particle collections

What will happen to the physical ripcache artwork?

  • The physical ripcache artwork will embark on a global institutional tour, via the Particle Foundation. The ripcache artwork will follow in the footsteps of Banksy’s LIITA and H.R. Giger’s Alien, which has toured the following galleries around the world:

Banksy’s LIITA

  • ICA Miami, US
  • NHRM Museum, UK
  • MOCO Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • MOCO Museum, Barcelona, Spain

H.R.Giger’s Alien

  • H.R. Giger Museum, Gruyere Switzerland
  • Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle, Prague
  • Musée National de la Musique / Philharmonie de Paris, France

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