Voting to scratch ripcache’s neutral — explained

Will the 64 co-owners decide to scratch ripcache’s physical artwork, to unlock the digital counterpart?

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3 min readJan 26, 2024

Neutral is a 1/1 physical artwork, #7 in the public//private series by ripcache. The artwork comprises a physical artwork and a corresponding digital artwork NFT. ripcache’s neutral requires its collector(s) to make a decision: whether to scratch away the physical artwork in the area that contains the Ethereum private key, and unlock access to the digital artwork.

When will the co-owners vote to scratch?

  • The voting will be available as soon as Particles are revealed (shortly after they sell out), but its effect won’t trigger a scratch, until the 1 year lock up set by the artist has ended.
  • Voting before the 1 year lock up expires, will signal your desire to scratch or not scratch at the end of the lock up period.
  • That signal will be expressed by a change in the Particle image. A version for scratching and a version for not scratching, both designed by the artist.

Can you explain the voting mechanics?

  • Particle has built on-chain voting, allowing holders to vote for decisions on the blockchain, after the 1 year lock up.
  • The voting will be made available following a 1 year lock up, at the artist’s request.
  • Votes are counted on a per particle basis. One particle, one vote.
  • Votes are indicative of intent, but only trigger the scratch after a 12 month period, as per the artists’ request.
  • To vote to scratch the artwork, you must toggle “scratch” on the collection page.
  • The holders can toggle “scratch” or “not scratch” at any point during ownership.
  • There will be a notification 1 week prior to the decision date.
  • A minimum quorum of 50%, and a majority of 51% triggers the scratching event.
  • If the co-ownership decides to scratch the artwork, there will be an in real life scratching event, where co-owners are invited to manually scratch the physical artwork.
  • If the scratch happens, the corresponding digital artwork will be unlocked.
  • Once unlocked, the digital version of neutral will be sent to the Particle Foundation’s wallet for custody. All collectors will be airdropped a particle representing ownership in the digital artwork, therefore owning two particles: one for the physical artwork and one for the digital.
  • Should the digital or physical artwork be sold in the future, the co-ownership will be able to burn the Particle to claim their funds for the corresponding sale.

How will the IRL scratching work?

  • If the co-ownership decides to scratch the artwork, they will be able to vote on a location for the physical event.
  • All particle collectors are invited to participate in the real life scratching event (with your metal scratch cards).
  • The physical artwork will then be scratched to reveal the secret key, thus unlocking the digital artwork.
  • We will ensure that the secret key remains safe.

If you’d like to collect a ripcache particle, you can do so here.



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